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ComfyBed Plus

About Us

Greenwood Forest Products Ltd is the sister arm to McClure Timber Supplies Ltd based in Sheffield and primarily a timber merchant that has specialized in servicing the garden building industry for over 40 years, the residue from this process is then used to produce a range of pet, poultry and equestrian bedding.

Greenwood Forest Products Ltd have the only double chute small pet baler in Europe, capable of producing over 1 million small pet bales per year, with overall capacity on the small animal bedding lines to produce over 6 million bales per year.

All the small animal bedding range is manufactured to high exacting standards and is produced into own brand packaging and can be found in most of the leading UK's high street stores and supermarkets.

We also produce poultry and equestrian bedding and towards the end of 2014 introduced to the equine market our own equestrian brand Comfybed Plus.

Comfybed Plus has established itself as a viable choice against the more costly traditional equestrian bedding options and as manufacturers of both the key ingredients we can guarantee supply year on year whatever the weather. #lowcostnotlowquality


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