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ComfyBed Plus

How to Use

Laying out your horse’s new comfybed plus bed will require 8-10 bales for a standard 12ftx12ft stables, we recommend that you bank the edges to improve the structure and ensure it lasts even longer. When using rubber matting you will only need between 6 to 8 bales and in both cases maintenance will require 1-2 bales a week.

To create a stable and efficient comfybed plus bed for your horse just follow these simple steps

Step 1  
Remove all existing bedding and dust from stable.

Step 2  
Add comfybed plus around the stable to a depth of at least 6 inches.

Step 3   
Set the bed with a shavings fork, adding extra to the sides if a bank is required.


To ensure a hygienic bed, dropping should be removed daily using gloves or a shavings fork.

Take care to remove as little comfybed plus as possible, tossing the bedding around with a fork usually helps.

Using a shovel, remove wet patches and move the dryer top layer to the banks of the bed.

More comfybed plus should be added when necessary to maintain a depth of at least 6 inches – this is usually once a week but in many cases your comfybed plus can last much longer.

Using comfybed plus will mean a smaller more compact muck heap when compared to shavings or straw, it also blows around much less than most other types of bedding resulting in a much cleaner yard for both you and your horse.


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