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ComfyBed Plus

Other Products - Poultry Bedding

Our poultry bedding is the same fabulous premium woodchip and premium woodshavings blend as our leading equestrian brand Comfybed Plus which makes it a cost effective bedding option for your birds.

Taking advantage of our new more compact bale size, our Poultry bedding bale which is supplied in an unbranded white bale is stacked with 54 bales per pallet, this also allows more units to be delivered per 16 pallet delivery which offers additional delivery savings, this pallet is then wrapped to enable outside storage, deliveries can be made with an on-board fork truck if required. With both the key ingredients manufactured at our own site we can guarantee supply year on year whatever the weather. – When we say you can depend on us, we mean you can depend on us.


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